Who is Cinnabar?

As a full video production house we believe immersive imaging and authentic communication can change the world one message at a time. We utilize some of the most advanced RED camera technology so we can focus on creativity not technical limitations.

Need to capture your dreams? Grow a business? We’ll capture your project in the best light!

Why Everyone Needs Video

In the age of social media, nothing builds rapport, improves SEO, drives traffic, and makes sales like a good video. It’s raw, engaging, authentic … video shares body language in a way text and photos never can. Video personalizes your message by tapping into our primal wiring and bypassing the stranger’s dilemma. Simply put, good video lets strangers feel personally connected to your message!

Our Visuals

Beautiful images are fantastic, but motivation comes from the emotional impact your video has on its viewers. So while content is king, our investment in equipment provides undeniable quality that is more than seen, it’s felt.

Slow-motion, time-lapse, HD, 4k, 8k … we love our RED Epic-W, its RAW frames that have enough resolution for billboards! So, our investment is really in our clients’ future.

Investing in a video?

So you need a video to build your business/brand, sell a product, promote a cause, or reach an audience? Well, Cinnabar Vista is dedicated to communicating your vision through creative storytelling and rich visuals. So join us as we guide you from preproduction through image capture and post production.

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We Create…

because your passion deserves to be shared!

Jem W Patton

Jem W Patton

Director, Editor — Partner

A graphic designer by education and a driven creator by nature, Jem quickly realized his amazing grades meant little in the real world so he honed his craft until his clients’ videos were worthy of gold. Unfortunately, he also discovered film festivals don’t give out real gold statues! Even so, with a passion for the nuance of communication and the power of inspiring visuals, his work has been nominated for a LEO as well as receiving various bronze, silver, gold and platinum REMIs.

Always searching for an adventure, Jem loves traveling paths less traveled for blazing new trail opens his mind to places, people, and perspectives he never knew he wanted to know, you know?

In that light, it comes as little surprise that he’s writing a science fiction series called Perspective Revolution, because even when he’s laying down, writing frees his mind to travel new worlds.

Our visuals, your world ...

As a family business we believe in visual excellence, honest communication, and promoting worthy causes. We’ve worked on some amazing projects — some we can’t even talk about — so whether you have a small business, non-profit, corporation, or have a cause you need to promote, we have the expertise to share your vision with the world. If we can help, take the first step and …

Jeffrey H Patton

Jeffrey H Patton

Producer — Partner

As Cinnabar Vista’s producer, Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications (Journalism), 1976, Ambassador University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Victoria, 2003. He holds a B.C. professional teaching certificate.

Jeff is also a published writer who has been the managing editor of several non-profit mass circulation 4-colour magazines and a Vancouver Island community newspaper, the Esquimalt News. Jeff handles all the corporation’s business affairs and provides producer services for each projects development, production, and post-production.

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